Invite friends – Win free cash prizes!


Hurray! Get Extra Cash
Did you know you could get free money transferred directly to your bank account simply by inviting friends? These incredible offers now have some amazing updates and still open to you.
Don’t be reluctant to use your invite link to join in on this money-making activity.
Reward for inviters:
You will get a 200 Naira interest-free coupon when you invite a friend by sharing your own invite link and they follow the link to register on Flypay pro. If the person you invited registers and then takes out a loan, you will receive a cash reward of 4000 Naira, which will be deposited into your bank account.
Reward for invitees:
To download and register on Flypay pro, go to the link shared by your friends. Then take a loan and receive a cash bonus of 1000 Naira, which will be deposited into your bank account.
Yet to register?
Don’t waste time, simply click the link in the caption below to download and join, then you’ll have your own invite link to share with friends to make money.
IOS download link :
Android downloand link :
Registered already?
Click on “Invite now” on your Flypay pro APP to invite your friends! and make money. without stress.


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