How to check BVN online? Everything You Need to Know


Do you realize how to check BVN number utilizing your telephone? The procedure can be time-consuming, but with the right guidance, you will be able to complete it.

BVN is a is compulsory identification number that all bank account owners must have before they can carry out any transaction on their accounts in Nigeria.

Note that BVN is an 11-digit number that indicates your identity during different financial and banking services.

What is a BVN?

The BVN is a one-of-a-kind identifying number that can be confirmed across all Nigerian financial institutions. The BVN of a client is linked to the following biological characteristics: * Fingerprint * Signature * At the time of enrolment, a facial picture was taken.

The BVN is an 11-digit number that serves as your universal identification card in all Nigerian banks. Consider it a kind of a social security number for the banking business. It guarantees that you may do business at any Point of Banking Operations.

The BVN can also be compared to a matriculation number at a university. Every student is assigned a number when they are accepted into a postsecondary institution. Until you graduate, your number serves as your identity in the school’s system.

Advantages of using BVN

  • The BVN creates a unique identity that can be confirmed throughout the Nigerian banking industry (not peculiar to one Bank)
  • Unauthorized access to customers’ bank accounts is prevented.
  • It will solve concerns of identity theft, reducing fraud risk.
  • The BVN will improve the banking industry’s ability to identify and remove banned customers.
  • Reduce the number of people queuing in banking halls.
  • Banking operations have become more efficient as a result of standardization.
  • ALL Nigerian banks accept the customer’s unique BVN as a form of identification

Importance of BVN

In 2014, BVN was launched in Nigeria, and in 2015 it became compulsory. Many Nigerian bank customers were surprised to see how BVN became compulsory in the country as it hindered several transactional activities.

 CBN rolled out the BVN identification policy, mandating all Nigerian banks to compel their customers to register. This reduced every Nigerian citizen from being victims of fraudulent activities; as it also encouraged the transition to cashless financial operations.

Your BVN serves as personal security that mostly safeguards your accounts and protects them against irregular financial operations.

Verifying your BVN Online

It is possible to verify BVN details online without involving your bank in any way.

It is possible to check BVN details on the internet without having to contact your bank.

Customers of Nigerian banks who have completed the obligatory BVN registration can now validate their BVN details online, thanks to the Nigerian Inter-Bank Settlement System PLC, NIBSS.

The NIBSS BVN Validation Portal was intended to allow you to retrieve or validate your BVN records online without having to be stressed. This page will walk you through seeing your BVN name, sign, and address, as well as validating alternate BVN data.

To verify your Bank Verification Number online, follow the steps below:

You only need to supply a few details to establish that you are the owner of the BVN; one of these details is your BVN and your Date of Birth.

Second, you’ll need to have your ATM card on hand to pay the 25NGN processing fee.

If you meet all of the conditions, you can proceed to validate your BVN information.

How To Change Or Update BVN Details

Changing your BVN or making changes to details such as your name, date of birth, and phone number in all Nigerian banks can be difficult at times.

However, in order to avoid any issues, you will be required to present the following papers in order to edit, update, or correct the date of birth in BVN for Zenith Bank, GTBank, Access Bank, and other financial institutions.

  • If you wish to update the date of birth on your BVN, you’ll need a birth certificate.
  • Certificate of Marriage, Due to marriage, it is necessary to change names and other facts.
  • If you want to alter your name or phone number, go to: You’ll need an international passport or any other form of government-issued identification that shows your correct name.

Once you have all of the necessary paperwork, simply present them to any of your bank offices for assistance in resolving your issues.

How To Check My BVN number with a phone?

To check for your Bank Verification Number (BVN), you can now check your BVN number with a code on your mobile phone. Just dial *565*0# to check your Bank Verification Number (BVN).

You can check your BVN number using USSD codes or shortcodes

You don’t need to access the internet to check your BVN and you don’t need any high-end smartphones also. With this code, you can learn how to check my BVN number on any SIM. Just dial *565*0# to check your Bank Verification Number Its so simple.

And also, you can check my BVN number for any bank in Nigeria with the same code. For instance, you can also check your BVN code number online via internet banking. To know your BVN number online, log into your banking app. And you will see the code displayed on your front page. It costs just N10 to check your BVN check code number in Nigeria.

How to Check BVN on MTN

Nigerians may now easily verify their BVN number using their mobile phone according to the Central Bank of Nigeria. Use the steps below to check your BVN number using an MTN SIM card.

on your smartphone, access the Call/Phone app.

Enter this >> BVN MTN code.

Using your MTN SIM card, dial the code *565*0#

You will get a message with your 11-digit BVN number in it.

Copy it down and save it.

For the procedure, a service fee of N20 would be deducted from your airtime balance.

How to Check BVN on Airtel

Your BVN was presumably brought up by the bank employee, and the only way to check it is by phoning the supplied code. The first step in all of them was not figuring out how to access your bank verification number. It was asked for.

To verify BVN on Airtel, use the short ussd code *565*0#. So adhere to the straightforward procedure listed below:

Use the dialer app on your phone to enter *565*0#. Hold off while it works.

After that, the 11-digit number will appear on your screen. Your BVN is that (bank verification number).
This service is available for N20 only. This means that you must pay Airtel 20 Naira each time you use the code to verify your BVN.

How to Check BVN Number on Glo

The first step in all of them was not figuring out how to access your bank verification number. You can only check it by phoning the supplied code, which your bank officer most likely requested.

*565*0# is the short ussd code to verify BVN on Glo. So adhere to the straightforward procedure listed below:

To request you bvn, open the call app on your phone and dial *565*0#. Hold off while it works.

The 11-digit number will appear on your screen. Your BVN is that (bank verification number).

There is a 20 Naira service fee. This implies that you must pay N20 to Glo each time you use the code to verify your BVN.

You can copy the 11-digit number and save it wherever only you can locate it to avoid paying N20 as the fee for checking your BVN.

How to Check BVN Code on 9Mobile (Etisalat)

To check for your BVN code on Etisalat,  dial the code *565*0# on your phone. Your BVN code will immediately display on your phone screen. 

Copy it to a secure place on your phone so you can easily access it later. Glo will charge you at least N20 for a BVN code check.

How do I check my Etisalat BVN?

There’s no special code to check your bank verification number on 9mobile. The shortcode to retrieve your bvn is *565*0#.

How do I check my BVN online?

Open your phone dialer, type in *565*0#, and send it to check your bvn.

How can I check my full BVN details?

Kindly visit your bank branch and request the full details that are connected to your BVN. You only have access to check the 11digit number, not the whole information.

How can I check my BVN number?

Simply dial *565*0# to check it.

How To Check BVN Code On Access Bank

Checking your BVN on Access Bank is simple and can be done in two ways

How to check BVN on Access Bank (USSD code approach)

This is the easiest method to get access to your BVN. All you have to do is dial *565*0# on your mobile device using the number linked to your Access Bank account.

Once you do that, your BVN will be displayed on your screen and you can copy it out. However, this service isn’t free and you’ll be charged a fee of NGN 20. So make sure you have airtime on the line you’ll be using to check the BVN before proceeding with the step above.

Another way to check your BVN on Access bank is by contacting the access bank whatsapp line. You can reach them with 09090901901.

Save the number on your phone and message them, just like you will message your close friend, then request for your BVN. They may require you provide some certain information, before they will send you your BVN.

How to check BVN on Access Bank (Access Bank mobile app approach)

For this technique or strategy, you will need to utilize a smartphone that can connect to the internet, have internet connection, and download the Access Bank mobile app from the Apple Store or Google Play Store if it is not already on your device.

After downloading the app, you must register it by giving the needed information in order to access your account.

Follow the instructions listed below to verify your BVN on the Access Bank mobile app once you are through with that and have access to your account, it will now show your account name and amount.

  • Open the Access Bank More app, and tap on Profile.
  • Next, tap on Show Details. It’s beneath your profile image or photo.
  • Once you do that, your BVN alongside your email address and phone number linked to your bank account will be displayed.

How to Check BVN on UBA

Simply dial *565*0# on the mobile phone number linked to your UBA bank

How to check UBA BVN using USSD code method

The simplest approach is this one; make sure your SIM line has at least N20 worth of airtime before trying.

Your unique 11-digit BVN number will appear when you just dial *565*0# on the mobile phone number associated with your UBA bank account. You will also get this number by SMS.

How to check UBA BVN app

Another quick and easy way to quickly expose your UBA bank BVN is by using the official mobile app, which is accessible on both Android and iOS smartphones.

You may use the app for a wide range of financial services in addition to only checking BVN information. such as interbank transfers, cardless withdrawals, loan borrowing, bill payment, and many other things.

Let me quickly demonstrate how to access your BVN using the official UBA mobile app.

  • If you have not already done so, you must first download and install the UBA app. Both Android and iOS smartphones may use it.
  • Open the app after a successful installation and log in using your credentials. If this is your first time use the mobile app, register.
  • Once you have logged in, go to your profile by clicking the symbol in the upper right corner and scrolling down.
  • Your BVN information will be shown after you reach the “Security information” area, so stop when you do.

The BVN number can be copied and saved in a safe location.

How to Check BVN on GTB

let’s quickly look at the different ways through which you can check your BVN on GTB

How to check BVN app on GTB mobile banking

When you download, set up, and register the GTB mobile banking application known as the GT World App from the Google PlayStore (for Android users) or Apple Store, you may access your BVN (for iPhone users).

You will be sent to the homepage of the app, which displays your current account balance, after downloading, installing, and providing the necessary information to access your account using the mobile banking app. You have successfully entered into your account using the GT World App once you can see your account balance. Methods for Moving Data From MTN to Airtel

Now, tap on the Menu icon to display a selection of options and access your BVN via the bank app. Your BVN will be shown at the top of the menu icon.

How to check BVN code USSD on GTB

MTN True Talk; How to Migrate to MTN True Talk The USSD code is one of the simplest ways to access your BVN, and unlike the techniques mentioned above, you do not need to utilize a computer or a smartphone that has internet connection.

To use the code for your banking services, you must first activate the phone connected to your GTB account, just like with the technique mentioned earlier. If you still have not activated your number, just click on this link to find out how.

When USSD is enabled on your mobile device, call *737# and follow the on-screen instructions to check your BVN. You may also enter *737*6*1# to see your BVN, phone number, and account balance on your screen.JAMB Form

The service is not free, though, and using this method to access your BVN will cost you NGN 15.

How to check BVN on GTB via BVN code

Any SIM card that is connected to your BVN can utilize the universal BVN code. Simply call *565*0# on the number associated with your BVN to utilize this very simple technique to verify your BVN, and your BVN will appear on your screen.

The likelihood is that you are using a number that is not connected to your BVN if you tried this procedure and it did not work for you.

Similar to the GTB USSD code, this service has a price associated with it of NGN 20 each time you use it to check your BVN.

How To Check BVN Code On First Bank

How To Check BVN Code On First Bank
Which you can check your BVN on First Bank with ease

How to check BVN on First Bank via USSD code

One of the simplest and quickest methods to verify your BVN on First is by using a USSD code. All mobile devices, including feature phones and internet-capable smartphones, may use this technique (phones without access to the internet).

Dial *565*0# on your phone to check your BVN using the USSD code, and your BVN will appear on the screen.

It is crucial to understand that the service will cost you NGN 20 in service fees before you proceed to dial the code. Make sure you have more than NGN 20 worth of airtime before dialing the code. Additionally, to ensure that the USSD code approach works for you, confirm that the SIM you are using is the one that is connected to your First Bank account.

How to check BVN on First Bank (Via FirstOnline)

FirstBank’s internet banking technology, FirstOnline, gives its clients safe, anytime access to their accounts using any device with an internet connection.

You may easily verify your BVN using FirstOnline if you use it to perform transactions (i.e., if you have registered for it).

If this is your preferred method, check your BVN on First Bank by following the steps mentioned below.

  • Access the First Bank online banking system.
  • Put your user ID here.
  • Enter the verification code and make sure it is correct.
  • Tap or click Next.
  • Find your BVN on the FirstOnline dashboard.

This approach is likewise simple and easy. Using this method to access your BVN will not cost you anything extra.

How to check BVN on First Bank (via FirstMobile)

Customers of First Bank may conduct financial transactions online using the official FirstMobile app. You can check your BVN using your FirstMobile app, which is just one of the numerous things you can do with it.

  • Use the FirstMobile app and follow the steps below to verify your BVN:
  • If the FirstMobile app is not already on your smartphone, download and install it. While iPhone users may download via the Apple Store, Android users can do so from the Google PlayStore. How to Wed a Medical Professional in Nigeria
  • If this is your first time using the app, log in using your username and password. Otherwise, register.
  • The FirstMobile dashboard is where your BVN is located. Now you may duplicate it.

You have it now! You may verify your BVN on First Bank in that manner.

How To Check BVN Code On Ecobank

Code to check BVN on Ecobank Nigeria

You may verify your BVN data on Ecobank Nigeria by dialing *565*0#, as you may have seen in the preceding section.

When reviewing your Bank Verification Number information on the Ecobank network, there are no actual strict rules.

Then click the “Send” button.

Your BVN information will be accessible on your phone if you follow the on-screen instructions.

That is exactly how to examine the information associated with your Ecobank Nigeria bank verification number.

Dialing the BVN code on the Ecobank network is the most crucial step in this instruction.

How To Check BVN Code On Sterling Bank

How to check your Sterling Bank BVN detail

As you may have seen in the previous part, you may check your Sterling Bank Nigeria bank verification information by dialing *565*0#.

When reviewing your bank verification number information on the Sterling Bank network, there are no actual strict rules.

Essentially, all you have to do is call the USSD short code 565 from your Sterling Bank phone.

After that, press the send button.

Your phone will have access to your bank verification information if you follow the on-screen instructions.

You may check your BVN on the Sterling Bank Nigeria network precisely like that.

The most crucial instruction in this manual is to call the Sterling Bank network to enter the verification code.

How To Check BVN Code On Unity Bank

How to check BVN On Unity Bank Nigeria detail

As you may have seen in the previous part, you may verify your BVN information on Unity Bank Nigeria by dialing *565*0#.

When reviewing your bank verification number information on the Unity Bank network, there are no actual strict rules.

In essence, all you have to do is use your Unity Bank phone to dial the USSD short code *565*0#.

All the information you want will appear immediately on your mobile device’s screen.

You must then push the transmit button and adhere to the instructions on your phone after calling the code.

Your Unity Bank phone will then have access to your BVN information.

How To Link BVN Details To Your Unity Bank Account

If you want to link your Bank Verification Number to your Unity account, dial *7799# on your phone

After that, go to BVN Verification and follow the rest of the prompt to link your BVN to the Unity account.

How To Check BVN Code On Zenith Bank


How To Check Your BVN On Zenith Bank With USSD Code

Checking your BVN with a USSD code is most likely the simplest and most practical way to do any financial transaction.

You may obtain your BVN by simply dialing a special USSD code without breaking a sweat.

Simply dial *565*0# with the phone number your BVN is registered with to verify your BVN on Zenith bank using the USSD code. You will be charged a price of 20.48 naira for this service.

How To Check Your BVN On Zenith Bank On The Mobile App

Checking your BVN via the Zenith bank mobile app is completely free; all you need is an internet-enabled cell phone to get started. This is in contrast to the USSD code, which costs 20.48 naira.

To verify your BVN on the Zenith bank mobile app, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Zenith Bank mobile application.
  2. Press the sign-in button.
  3. Key in your password and account number.
  4. Next, select Sign In.
  5. After successfully logging in, find MyBVN on your dashboard and click it.
  6. Your BVN will appear on the screen of your phone; copy it and use it as you would plan.

How Does It Work?

BVN allows consumers’ identities to be verified and validated across numerous and interoperable electronic platforms. The bio-data is found by searching the BVN database for pertinent information about an individual (it includes names, phone numbers, addresses, dates of birth).

Customer Validation and Verification that is Robust

Exceptional Value Proposition

The BVN database is the most trustworthy and comprehensive data source in the Nigerian financial industry, including approximately 38 million unique BVNs that are linked to each and every person whose profile has been recorded.

API Integration with Touch Points Web Validation Portal (Account link, Placeholder, Boolean Match, Other Parties, & Search services)
Services for verification (I’m Alive and Fingerprint Matching)

Can I get a loan on a BVN card?

A BVN card is powerful financial evidence that provides information on your incomes, loans, insurances, investments, debts, and defaults. Input your permanent account number (BVN number) at the document submission phase in fast loan apps for additional verification of your financial history. A BVN card examines a borrower’s credit score and, as a result, verifies the likelihood of loan acceptance or rejection.

The following are some obvious reasons why a BVN card is an important document for personal loan approval:

Fake borrowers are unable to utilize BVN card information since each BVN number is unique and cannot be used by more than one person. Because each borrower has a unique code, the scope of fidgeting is limited.

The BVN card number, which is connected to your bank account, expedites loan acceptance.

Completing a loan term successfully raises the credit score associated with the BVN card.

The BVN card facilitates rapid loan approvals for small cash loans.

Maintaining a positive relationship with your lender also improves your chances of getting a loan with your BVN card. With favorable terms and conditions, it may be able to lower interest rates even more.
Previously, the scenario was time-consuming, with borrowers carrying several paperwork, waiting in lines, and anticipating loan approval for an extended period of time. Borrowers find it simple to apply for loans online now that the BVN card is accepted. The procedure has been simplified because a single document now serves as the financial proof needed to prove a borrower’s capacity to repay the loan.

How to apply for a personal loan with a BVN?

Install an instant loan app on your phone or go to the lender’s website for further information.

Register with your phone number and email address.

Enter your BVN card’s associated cellphone number or bank account number.

Enter your 11-digit BVN number.

A scanned copy of your BVN card, along with other income-related papers, may be required by some websites.

The sanctioned loan amount will be deposited immediately into your bank account after verification of the supplied papers.

flypay fast cash loans, sponsored by BETTERLENDING, is one such personal loan app that requires the borrower’s BVN numbers to be linked to their phone number. flypay is a user-friendly instant loan app that uses paperless documents and provides instant loan approval to borrowers.

When presenting your BVN card for loan approval, make sure your age is between 21 and 58 years old for both salaried and self-employed people, with a minimum monthly salary of ₦5,000.

Final word

Note that; no one will get to assets in your record by essentially having your BVN details; in any case, picture your BVN as an entranceway to your accounts and never post your BVN on open gatherings, web-based media and you shouldn’t offer it to simply anybody, application or substance you can’t confide in.

In the event that anybody calls you on the telephone or sends you an email/text, mentioning for your BVN and you’re having questions, arrive at your bank and get them advised, you can similarly overlook them, as they are bound to be fraudsters/tricksters.

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