Can my BVN be blocked by a loan App?


If there are improper transactions on your account, the Central Bank of Nigeria reserves the right to block your bank verification number BVN or list it for blacklisting.

In other words, the CBN may block your BVN if your account is held for fraudulent actions that are contrary to the terms stipulated in the BVN usage.

Can a loan app block my bank account?

There is only one straight answer to this question, do not let anyone tell you otherwise, that is the more reason why I will educate you more in this article. No, a loan app cannot block your BVN; only the CBN has the authority to do so. However, an online loan app can submit your BVN to your bank to blacklist you from further loan transactions with financial institutions, where you have scored a bad credit record and you will find it difficult to apply for and receive a loan.

Can I block my bvn?

code to block ATM card/BVN online

No, you can’t , but you can prevent future transactions on your bank account if your ATM card is lost. Check out these codes, you can block your ATM card using those These are USSD Codes to block ATM card that is misplaced or lost “How to block my ATM card process“

  • How to block my Zenith Bank ATM card – #966*911#
  • How to block my GTB ATM card – *737*51*10#
  • How to block my union Bank ATM card– text “BLOCK CARD NUBAN” to 20123
  • How to block my first Bank ATM card– text “BLOCK” to 30012
  • How to block my FCMB ATM card– call + 2342798800

How to block bvn number

Can Flypay block my bank verification number?

No, Flypay will not be able to block your bank verification number. Only the Central Bank of Nigeria, as stated in my post, has the authority to block your bvn.

Flypay is simply a loan platform through which you can apply for a loan.

These and more related topics will come on in this article they say “Information is the Key”


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