How to Apply for Loan of 1 milions naira with flypay


When an emergency arises, it can be difficult to know what to do. It might seem like a mad scramble to get your finances in order, but there are actually ways to ease the burden of this type of economical distress. Personal loans can provide quick cash at a time when you need it most and may not have enough in reserve.

If you need immediate funds for a short tenure, you can apply for a 1 milions naira loan online. The foremost benefit of online applications is the quick verification of documents and rapid approvals.


A personal loan online is a good option for young professionals looking to meet their credit needs.

Eligibility Criteria for the Personal Loan 

Before you apply for personal loans up to 1 milions naira , you must check your eligibility for the loan. Every lender has outlined eligibility criteria of their own that you must meet to avail of the loan.

flypay has easy-to-meet eligibility criteria for personal loans:

  • Age – 21 years to 55 years
  • Income – Minimum salary of N 5,000
  • Residence – Resident of Nigeria

If you are eligible, the money can be deposited directly into your bank account within 10 minutes.

Documents Required for the Personal Loan

Before you apply for a loan, you need to collect all the documents required at that time. You can get your personal loan application approved without visiting any office by uploading all your necessary paperwork online with FlyPay.

  • Identity Proof – Proof for Identity like your BVN, Passport.
  • Income Proof – 3 months of salary slips – not mandatory for every customer.
  • A selfie
  • Just upload the documents in JPG for a hassle-free application and get a personal loan up to 1 milions naira transferred.

Just upload the documents in JPG for a hassle-free application and get a personal loan up to 1 milions naira transferred.

How to Apply for Loan of 1 milions naira?

Now that you have checked the eligibility and the minimum documents required let’s know the procedure for applying for a 1 milions naira loan. 


Download the flypay app or register on the website. Fill in the few basic details.

Get Instant Approval

Get approval in seconds. Once approved upload your KYC documents on the app.

Choose the amount 

Choose the amount of cash you want to borrow.

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Benefits of a Personal Loan of up to 1 milions naira

Personal loans up to 1 milions naira are unsecured loans mandated based on a borrower’s financial profile. Unlike secured loans, where the lender holds collateral in case of default by the borrower , there is no restriction on usage with an unsecured loan.

In addition to this foremost advantage, availing of this loan brings several other benefits:

No Collateral: Lenders do not require collateral or other protection from the borrower. Instead, they rely on credit scores and spending patterns to ensure their loans will be repaid.

Attractive Interest Rates: Interest rates on the cards are reasonable, ranging from 7% per day.

Flexible Repayment Tenure: Repayment tenure can be anywhere between 91 to 180 days, based on the borrower’s preference and the lender’s affirmation of the same.

Minimal Documentation: With flypay, the process is completely digitally completed with minimal KYC and financial verification. The disbursal time is just 10 minutes.

No or Minimal Pre-closure Charges: The lender may choose to offer a pre-closure facility without levying any penalties.

Borrow Anytime: The emergency 1 milions naira loan can be availed any time through a quick and easy online loan app.

Applying for a 1 million naira personal loan is easy. Just check your eligibility and documentation, fill out the application form online and you’ll have access to funds within 10 minutes!

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